About us

AMOST Foundation (before 1999 called “Association of bridge engineers”) is Russian non-profit scientific and technical association, which unites all the major construction and industrial companies, scientific, technical and design institutes working in the field of bridge engineering, technical universities and organizations involved in inspection and monitoring of bridges in Russia.


  • is the only scientific and technical bridge engineers association in Russia.
  • was established in 1992 and with headquarters in Moscow.
  • deals with all aspects of bridge engineering: planning, design, construction, operation, monitoring and control, reconstruction and preservation, materials and machinery, research and training.
  • deals with technical, economic issues, environmental protection environmental, aesthetic and social aspects.

AMOST promotes the exchange of scientific and technical information and knowledge and combines efforts to implement science and technology achievements.

The Foundation regularly organizes scientific and technical conferences, seminars and technical visits and has extensive international links. AMOST coordinates with the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) - the leading association of bridge-engineers in the world.

AMOST promotes the involvement of young engineers in the scientific, technical and production activities in the field of bridge construction and for more than 15 years publishes professional journals “News of Bridge Construction” and “World Bridge Construction” –the only bridge engineering journals in Russia.