International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) under the The 'IABSE Lecture Series on Internet' program has made available free of charge access to a series of presentations on modern bridge construction.

Presentations are provided by leading specialists in English.

Structural and Construction Safety (Short Course, 242:56 minutes)
Joerg Schneider, Switzerland

Challenges in Education - Conceptual and Structural Design (Lecture, 23:43 minutes)
Mike Schlaich, Germany

Structural Design Codes Bridge: The Bridge Between Research and Practice (Keynote Lecture, IABSE Symposium Budapest 2006, 31:47 minutes)
Theodore Galambos, USA

Dealing with Existing Bridges in Canada (Short Course, 2 Lectures)
Peter G. Buckland, Canada

Steel Bridge Construction in Switzerland: Vaux Viaduct (Video)
Manfred A. Hirt, Switzerland
Low resolution (08:29 minutes)

Steel Bridge Construction in Switzerland: Bridge Over Dala River (Video)
Manfred A. Hirt, Switzerland
Part 1/2: Low resolution (14:44 minutes)
Part 2/2: Low resolution (07:15 minutes)

Sutong Bridge Cable Stayed Segment (Animation, 03:15 minutes)
Hai-Fan Xiang, China

Great Demand and Great Challenge: Chinese Major Bridges Projects for Improving Traffic Infrastructure Nationwide (Keynote Lecture, 2007 IABSE Weimar Symposium, 33:16 minutes)
Yaojun Ge and Hai-Fan Xiang, China

Evolution of Bridge Technology (Keynote Lecture, IABSE Symposium Weimar 2007, 21:16 minutes)
Man-Chung Tang, USA

Life Cycle Management of Infrastructures: Towards and Integrated Approach of Design, Execution and Maintenance (Keynote Lecture, IABSE Symposium Weimar 2007, 26:22 minutes)
Aad van der Horst, The Netherlands

The Development of Cable-Stayed Bridges since John Roebling (Lecture, IABSE Symposium Weimar 2007, 17:08 minutes)
Holger Svensson, Germany

Failure Analysis as a Base for Developing Quality Control Systems (Lecture, 20:00 minutes)
Robert Hertle, Germany

About the Network Arch (Lecture, 60:00 minutes)
Per Tveit, Norway

Electricity from the Sun (Lecture, 67:21 minutes)
Jörg Schlaich and Rudolf Bergermann, Germany

Structures for Stadium Projects (Lecture, 80:00 minutes)
Knut Göppert, Germany

Woodrow Wilson Bascule Span (Lecture, 15:00 minutes)
Sean A. Bluni

Incheon Bridge Project - The role of the Contractor’s Checking Engineer (Lecture, 17:00 minutes)
Dr. Innes Flett